Hello – I’m Heidi Bergeron.  I’m a personal injury lawyer, and for the past 22 years, I have helped injured clients and their families obtain fair compensation after injury.

I work with Litigation Clerks Lindsay Woodend and Abby Leonhardt, and Legal Assistant Claire Rivoire. Together we have earned a reputation of excellence in personal injury litigation throughout Eastern Ontario.

For a litigation lawyer to be able to effectively present a persuasive argument to a judge or jury, the lawyer first needs to know her clients, what they have lost as a result of injury, and what they hope to achieve from the litigation process.

The Law Society of Upper Canada reports that the most common complaint about lawyers is that they fail to communicate with their clients. You’ll find that our team are great communicators. You can reach me. I’ll always respond in a timely manner. I’ll always give you my best advice. It may not be exactly what you wanted to hear – but in my experience – clients are happiest when you keep them informed, good, bad or otherwise.

The level of engagement my team offers our clients means my clients will never experience the frustration of an unreturned phone call or communication, never wonder what is happening with their case, and never doubt that they chose the right injury lawyer to represent them. My clients consistently express satisfaction with the service provided by our exceptional firm, and refer other clients to us.     

Similarly – you’ll get to know me, too. We do away with formalities around here. You’ll find me approachable, easy to understand, and professional.


27 Princess Street, Suite #204

Kingston, ON | K7L 1A3

Tel: 613-547-2662

Fax: 613-766-6421


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