Recovering From Physical Injury is Only Part of the Battle

Recovering from physical injury after an accident can be discouraging, exhausting and painful. All of your energy is, and should be, directed at getting better. Imagine being at your most vulnerable, only to learn that your own insurance company, the one you’ve paid premiums to for YEARS, the one that proclaimed it would “protect you” – in fact, isn’t on your side.

It starts with the endless forms to complete. Then you might be improperly categorized as a “minor injury” insured, and if so, your benefits will be negligible. You will soon enough learn that treatment plans submitted by your physiotherapist or other care provider are denied.  You’ll be required to travel for insurer medical assessments with doctors who will look at you for 10 minutes, sympathize with your predicament, and then submit a report proclaiming that you’re just fine.  

You’ve found yourself in a battle with the insurance industry, when you’re least equipped to cope with it.

Ontario legislation does not favour the injured – meaning insurance companies have the upper hand when it comes to determining who will receive compensation and damages, and how much they will receive.  

Reality kicks in regardless of your injuries. When can you return to work? How are you going to pay the mortgage and monthly bills? How can you afford all forms of treatment that you require to get better?

Whether you’re at fault for an accident or not, there are benefits to help with your recovery. In Ontario, Statutory Accident Benefits are provided by your automobile insurance company. Unfortunately, accessing these benefits can be complex; insurance companies are in business to make a profit – they don’t do that by maximizing your benefits payments.

These benefits are essential to your well-being because they help pay for rehabilitation treatment like physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic services. If you need attendant care, the benefits can cover the cost. If you’re unable to return to work for a length of time, the benefits can also help supplement your income.

If the accident was not your fault, the complexities of litigation against the insurance company of the at-fault driver can be even more discouraging.

Our team has the experience and determination needed to ensure that you receive proper compensation and benefits.

Let us take on this battle for you – so that you can focus on your recovery.

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