Victims of Assault: Seek Help From Personal Injury Lawyers

Since I opened my injury practice, I have received numerous calls from both men and women who have been sexually assaulted – mostly as children – sometimes along with other children who were abused by a person of trust.

So far, the cases I’ve managed have resolved without going to court. My clients have reported satisfaction with the process and result – and gained a sense of closure they were lacking.

The criminal system is harsh.

The burden of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” is hard to meet, and the victim is as much on trial as the accused.

The civil system is different. The victim only needs to prove that its more likely than not that the abuse occurred.

I should note that there is no insurance coverage for abusers – so they have to pay out of pocket. This may mean that your case can’t proceed, because the accused is impecunious (broke). 

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