Which Injury Law Firm Should I Refer To?

You don’t practice injury law. You’re tempted to try, but realize pretty quickly that this is a dangerous path for both you and the client.

You want to refer the client to an expert in injury law – preferably one that will please the client so that you’re not later embarrassed for having referred them in the first place.

Some key considerations:

  1. Client Communication. The number one cause for complaints to the law society is lack of client communication. Clients do not like lawyers they cannot reach.

  2. Knowledge. Choose a firm that practices exclusively in the area of injury law. It’s a full-time job if you’re doing it right.

  3. Investment. Choose a firm that invests in the outcome. Firms that work on a contingency basis and pay all disbursements (fund the litigation) and only get paid a fee once there is a successful outcome. They are invested in the case.

  4. Referral Fees. A reputable injury firm always pays referral fees to lawyers/paralegals who send work.

  5. Reputation. A Google search will quickly reveal lawyers with a sub-standard reputation. The size of the ad in the phonebook is not indicative of the quality of service. Bigger isn’t better – better is better. (We have a pretty big ad – don’t hold it against us).

You can feel confident referring clients to Heidi Bergeron, Injury Lawyer. We realize that our work reflects upon you when you have referred a client to our firm. You can be assured that your referred clients will thank you for sending them our way.

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